Author Topic: Deals Gap?  (Read 4224 times)

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Re: Deals Gap?
« Reply #60 on: August 27, 2020, 01:03:43 PM »
 After you left yes. I was setting up for an inside curve going down the hill and my glove stuck to the throttle grip when I reached for the brake and blipped at the wrong time. It stood me up and I went straight into the ditch. Still getting used to the super sensitive throttle response of the FI bike. I was in "A" mode and it's worse on that setting. Somebody makes a progressive throttle mod to lessen the effect.

...I probably won't use it. Others have the same issue.

Yeah I was probably going too hard but I was having fun. I have been using Nike 'Barry Bonds' batting gloves because I like the feel and fit. They are super grippy and so are the handgrips. What I needed at that moment was slip not grip. Probably I should get purpose motorcycle gloves.

The ditch fortunately was lined with duff, leaves, rotten wood, and not rocks. I stayed in the seat until it stopped so the bike doesn't have a scratch except for a dent in the header. I got very lucky. Kept riding...