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Hey all, it's been a good while. Sorry for the long lay off.

Some good news and some bad.

Bad: Rebuilt the engine a second time due to centre crankseal failure, it was brand new but shifted on it's journal, contacted the crankweb and spun to pieces, literally destroyed.
Freshly rebuilt engine, refurbished carbs and all back together running nice.

Rode out to a bike meet about 15 miles away and it was running in just fine. Then it misfired on the way home, on no more than half throttle as I'm still running in, and I trundled back home on one cylinder :( One holed piston later and the bloody engine needs rebuilding AGAIN!!

In other, better news the bastard Suzonda has been featured by's the article link:

Quote from: 85RZwade on June 26, 2023, 01:15:35 AMGreat to hear from you again, Colin, and happy you found resolution
Thanks Wadey

A game of two halves as they and pain in equal measure. read the above ^^^ post.
Still, got it running again, and despite a fouled plug it just might prove reliable...or kick me in the ass!!
Off to a Kickback Show at Thruxton Race Circuit this Sunday along with my mate and another fella with his wesome Yamaka V twin flat tracker in Kenny Roberts yellow/black.
Quote from: m in sc on June 24, 2023, 09:55:38 AMyeah man! all dressed up and ready to dance.  looks great  :toot:

Thanks, it broke down on the way to a local annual biker meet where I had hoped to debut it...sadly, I didn't spot a wire off the fusebox....blagged a cheerful lift home in the back of an Amazon Prime delivery van, bundled in the back with me propped up and holding the front brake times :)
Haus of Projects / Re: Yamaha TZR250 refresh
June 24, 2023, 08:42:01 AM
Excellent work
Thread from the nearly dead. Apologies for not updating but I find Facebook to be easier these days.
An update ladies & gentlemen.
Finally bit the bullet and stripped the engine down to discover the centre seal was totally shreaded, destroyed to the max.
Pleased to find the non starting issue but perplexed as to how a fresh seal can be ruined in an hour's running time??
Anyhoo.....had the crank rebuilt with fresh seals but not bearings as they are brand new and intactus.
Please remember I am so pissed with it I begrudgingly work on it when I can muster the enthusiasm, which is easily distracted.
So, with every other component untouched, except the carbs I threw it back together.
I decided to have the carbs looked at and overhauled by a specialist as they came to me in a carrier bag, and although clean, I knew there were a couple of issues with O rings etc.
Well, they came back very much improved and set up, mainly having had a check of jetting (running a 97.5 main). Needles are not in the best shape as the slotted area has seem damage to the ring/clip area. Currently seeking new needles for a GT200/X5 carb if anyone knows of a supplier or has some in a drawer?
So, back to the start up. It fired after 3-4 attempts and ran ok.
Since then I have run it down the road to warm it up and reset the needles to lowest clip setting as it was bogging down on part throttle as it's still running in.
A tweek of the airscrew has it throttling up quite crisply and this is where it's currently at.
I'll gradually put a few miles on it as I venture forth further and further from home.
I plan to debut it at a well served local meet, Cassington Bike Night nr Oxford UK see hundreds of bikes turn up....I'm hoping to get there in time to claim a spot on the 'green' to show it off. :)

One destroyed centre seal. It has shifted along the crank journal and made contact with the crank web, which spun it up. The case was polished and the rubber edge resembled a tyre after a burnout!

Random images of an engine be rebuilt>

Back in the frame. Very pleased with my upper forward engine mount wot I made as it had a kink to allow access to the exhaust flange bolts.

Overhauled carbs look smart. the list of defects was quite long, including bent float bridge, incorrect air bleed O rings and even float bowl warpage.

Rehanging the Microns so they are as symetrical as they can be.

My double rose joint dog bone bracket works extremely well, really like that part. You can just see it in this shot, I didn't want to chop the original RD350LC mounting bracket.

So, I'm now riding it again and looking forward to it lasting a bit longer than before.
It's alsoo in it's second bike show on 2nd July at Thruxton Race Circuit, Andover UK as part of the line up for Kickback Thruxton Show.
Sadly, not able to run a lap but to have it runing will be much better than the previous show.

That's about it as a round up, thanks for reading this far...peace out, ride safe.
Haus of Projects / Re: RZ350...#2
October 08, 2022, 11:17:27 AM
Another 2smoker build...coolio :)
Quote from: RustyRD on September 28, 2022, 10:33:33 PM
Your bike is great looking, and glad to see that you have some renewed energy to devote to the bike. A pressure check of the engine could help narrow things down also.  I have encountered a problem with points on my kz650 , bike still runs but two cylinders not full song. One set of points has some additional resistance to ground when compared to the other pair. Faulty insulators on one set..
always something. I spent two weeks in Ireland this month and must say it was a great experience..
Try and keep an objective view on the troubleshooting of your bike, and you will prevail.
Thanks Rusty, The GT200 runs a CDi ignition fed by the next port of call to check the flywheel is secure. I really am so pissed with the bloody thing, but will persevere.... :/
Thanks m in c....there was a leak from the head gasket, so low comp test at 35psi, both cylinders. But that shouldn't stop the engine at least starting? A new head gasket on order and I'll face off the head.

The GT200 was unique, from other Suzuki engines, in that it does run oil in the gen case, so no seal failure in respect of oil leaking past, but is crank seal are gone there wouldn't be much crankcase pressure ...hence why it won't start/fire.

Still working my way through each option/possible. :/

Hi everyone...update:.....getting to the bottom of the engine non firing issue I think.

A weak spark turned into no spark, so thought the (new repro) coil might be faulty.....swapped it out for an old one I difference...a very weak or no spark!
Decided to pop the gen cover off to check the flywheel hadn't slipped.....only to find a LOT of oil pour out. It can only be gearbox oil, so is there a small seal or orofice I've missed in the rebuild or is it that the (new) main crankshaft seals have failed?

Not looking forward to dropping out the engine for a complete strip down....but needs must :/

I'm told there should only be a mist of oil behind the gen case....not 1/2 a pint or more. Any advice appreciated chaps, cheers
Quote from: RustyRD on August 20, 2022, 09:55:57 PM
Are you running an oil pump or premix? I have had my fuel mixed with too much oil and my engine would not start after sputtering. Chased multiple issues and finally drained fuel and replenished with fresh properly mixed ratio, 32:1 for my set up and bike started.. just some food for thought. Timing sounds like a very likely culprit also. Might also do a compression check to rule it out. Be methodical and recheck all aspects of the system. I know it sounds like a pain, and it is. Components fail even when installed new. Don't let the thought that the part is new , so it can't be that ,,, bite you. Step back, deep breath, and regroup.

Hi Rusty, been off the Suzonda for a while due to extreme pissed offedness. Thank you for your suggestions, having the bike at a local show, and receiving many positive remarks and interest I am setting about it again. Determined to get the f*cker running :)

Asking for help please guys.
Q: What are the symptoms of a failed centre crank seal?
I had new seals and bearing installed and the engine has run, I was on a road test when it spluttered to a halt...never to fire again???
I cannot for the life of me get the Suzuki GT200 to fire up.
I have fuel, carbs cleaned and a spark at the plugs when resting on the engine. It spins on the starter nicely with a full battery charge, but no ignition...nothing, nich, nada, zilch!!
I'm at the point where I'd happily pay someone to find/fix the problem and get it running again....I'm all out of ideas tbh.
Any suggestions please...before I burn it.

That is looking very tasty indeed.

What are you looking to 'improve' on the forks? A fork brace* might help steering and stiffer/thicker fork oil could improve damping. As the forks are CB650 there should be no need to up the spring poundage for such a lightweight? I'm no expert btw.

* Micron braces were/are the kiddie in the UK...other brands are available. :) Prices are rising as I paid sub £50 ($65) but see them reaching £100+ these days.
Haus of Projects / Re: My junk R5
July 04, 2022, 02:00:02 PM
WD40 isn't a penetrating oil, use PlusGas or Ziebe Black Magic (if you can buy it?). Even soak it in a bucket of diesel is better than WD.
I've not the best experience of this type of issue, but that sounds like a gear contacting a case maybe?

The sound comes across as amplified, like the case is acting as a sound box......perhaps hold a screwdriver against the case with your thumb of the hand you're holding it in your ear.
Quote from: irk_miller on July 02, 2022, 03:35:18 PM
Not sure what system you have for charge and igniton, but as seems to be common, my Powerdynamo rotor kept spinning at high revs.  It would get at least 30 degrees off stranding me.  My neighbor towed me one of those times.  Often, I could get it to fire, but not run.  It would never get me home. Kept happening until I machined my own thick, flanged washer and I installed a longer bolt.

Yes, I'll pull the cover off and check, thank you.