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GRA2STROKES / Gra2strokes is now full time!
July 20, 2021, 04:27:42 PM
I'm officially full time now for Gra2strokes!! I'm very excited on this adventure for my business and for my family.

I have been doing business on the side for 8 years  now restoring RD's and RZ's. I've grown my business beyond doing it on the side now and I'm passionate about offering my services to the community. I'm also excited to announce I have a great mid size cnc vertical mill coming in the door late this week or early next week to better serve my customers and there needs. If you have any prototype parts you want made I hope I can be a viable option for you. I will be working on a new rear set design as well as many other parts.

Along with the cnc mill I will soon be making new pipes for more custom designs and applications.

Currently I offer cl

Crank rebuilding
Cylinder boring
Head machine work
Millennium gp pipes
Restoration services
Vapor blasting
Tig welding services.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me and I hope I can assist you with your project.

GRA2STROKES / The new millennium gp pipe
November 09, 2019, 11:39:21 AM
The time has finally come to take orders! I'm very excited to produce these to the community and offer the best pipe offered with modern improvements such as an all new exhaust manifold that's machined and sealed with an o ring with a much thicker 3/8 flange. Also built in rubber grommet mounts. A bolt on silencer that's available in aluminum and carbon fiber. Price will be $650 plus shipping for aluminum silencers with all hardware included. Pipes with carbon silencers is $825 plus shipping. They will be in a raw natural state when shipped. There is a caroming shops nearby by that does excellent work as well and a local ceramic coating shop. I cannot quote an exact price at the moment for either but if interested I will find out.

I will be taking the first 7 orders with a $150 deposit. (Mainly covers silencer costs)

I have everything needed for fitment for any rd model r5-Daytona. If you have different cylinders like Daytona cylinders on a 76-78 400 let me know. Or a 400 in a 350 frame no problem and no extra cost.

Also if you wish to upgrade your old style exhaust manifolds to the new modern o ring design and weld them onto your pipes like spec 2 or dg fpp or any others I will be selling the setup for $160 shipped in the us which will include the o rings and bolts and washers welded flange and machined spigot. Spigot has an od of 1.475 where it welds to the pipe and an id of 1.375.

Thank you
For any info please email me at

I have been recently contacted by doug johnson owner of Moto Carrera. He offered me his pipe stampings and all on hand materials for a reasonable price. I have excepted his offer and we are currently finalizing the deal.

Dough went through surgery roughly 12 weeks ago and is still healing. He doesn't have the real energy to go about the business of building pipes and managing what's happening. He is ok though for those who are wondering and I plan to visit him in roughly a month.

Nothing will tie the pipes and Moto Carrera together anymore and I will be the sole owner of the design. With thi I will update features about the pipes that need addressed.

One of the things that always seems to be an issue is the exhaust manifold. Even buying high end jl pipes you get a crappy cheesy manifold. The design will be changed to have a thicker flange for strength and no spacers or washers and sealed by an o ring with machined tolerances for a quality fit. Also the silencer will be completely re designed. It will be able to be un bolted from the main pipe and sealed by an o ring in this connection point. From there they will welded on the bottom and the end cap bolted on for easy re packing and no more rivets.

On top of all of this I plan on doing all fabrication in house myself for quality reasons for a professional fit and quality controll.

I checked last time these were listed for sale on economycycle and it was $699 plus shipping. I have a target of $599 plus shipping per set. I will post updates after I get the raw materials that have already been made and start with the updates.

Thank you Garrett