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This year:  May 5-12th.  25th year!

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I have a complete RD400 suspension setup.  The forks are from a race bike.  I did not do the internal work, they came on an RD250 racer I purchased, it was professionally built.  We ran it at Daytona Ahrma in the Mid 2000's and won the Daytona Ahrma race with them (they work well) it is Forks, clipon's master cylinder, caliper SS Line Triple clamps Axle and spacers for a 350 spoked wheel.

Legs need to be polished, new seals and fresh oil.

I also have a complete rear swingarm, caliper bracket and caliper setup.

would be great for a 350 Disc conversion bike.  I struggle to price it, want a fair price, the calipers need rebuilding and it all needs a good clean up

Can anyone throw a dart at a fair value?
Show Off / New RD race parts
March 07, 2023, 03:15:46 PM
I purchased multiple sets of the WEBCO re-pop castings,  they are the better A355 material.

I was waiting to have them machined but waited too long to have them done by the original machine shop,  I have a source to cut them,  one set for the new 250 race bike and another for the 400, one set is for my buddy's 400.
Show Off / My new 2stroke toy...........
January 21, 2023, 10:53:39 PM
It looks brand new because it is, NOS TZ250T, I have some very nice go faster parts for it. I think I will put all the stock stuff away, I have a Yamaha Factory works motor for it,  NOS 17" wheel set, 4.5X17 rear and 3.5x17 front, the stockers are a 18X3.5 rear and a 17X3.0 front the slicks are original and unscuffed I want to keep them NOS  I also have a front end / brakes.  I can keep all of that NOS.
Race Discussions / Daytona 200 2023
January 15, 2023, 03:46:45 PM
The iconic Daytona 200, March 9 - 11.  I will be working the race with a couple of buddies...  it will be interesting to see where we get put.  Chicane or Turn 1 are normally pretty active.
Turning Wrenches / Crank rebuild question
December 30, 2022, 04:23:09 PM
What price range are you seeing for Crank rebuilding?  what is included or what options are there and at what additional cost?

Thanks in advance for any information.
If you are interested in working the 2023 MOTOGP race in Austin take a look at the post in the Race discussion section,
This will be the 4th year I have worked the MotoGP race in Austin, they are always looking for corner workers. 

THIS IS A VERY DIFFERENT RACE EXPERIENCE, you will be trackside in the closest proximity to the action than anyone in attendance. 

This is a 4-day commitment,  There is morning and afternoon training on April 13th you can attend either, Friday the 14th starts the actual event.  You have to be at the track by 6 AM every day, and it will end at 5 ish except on race day which ends a little earlier.

There is an application to fill out online, if you are interested PM me or E-mail me, and I will send the link to sign up when they open sign up.

I can help you with info on where to stay, they also have a hotel list that has preferred rates, and they operate a bus to the track from those locations.

You can specify a preference of corners, 1st - 2nd - 3rd choice. You can request to be paired with or work under someone. 

What you get:  Free ticked in case someone comes with you that is not working the race, Hot Breakfast, Box  Lunch, and hot dinner each day (Lunch is delivered trackside and you normally have a choice of 3 different sandwiches). Swag giveaway.

There is no compensation, you have to get to - from the race.  you have to provide your own lodging, there is camping in the worker area at the track and there are bathrooms and hot showers.

There are 3 positions you can work:

Marshall,  Two or 3 man teams, You respond to a crash, retrieve the bike only getting it behind the wall (or bump start if safe), and yes you will get a close-up look and hands-on experience with a Moto-3 Moto-2 and Moto GP bike, you will be trackside as close as anyone can get to the track.

Flagger, 2-person crew, self-explanatory

Rider assist,  Work with an  EMT or Doctor. 2 or 3 person team, two are stretcher bearers, and 1 takes a safety barrier (giant foam block with a red X on it to protect a down rider)  some teams are 2 men, the marshalls handle the barrier.

Show Off / Getting ready to build a couple of RD racers
October 19, 2022, 09:25:02 PM
After a long hiatus, I am finally getting to build a couple of race bikes I have been wanting to get done.  I was able to get the wheels refurbished buy a guy in England that is a magnesium specialist, he used to work for dymag and opened his own place.  he chemically strips them to bare metal, crack tests them, soft media blasts, re-chromates, then low temp powder coats.   I had them done in the original Campi gold.  Also had him do the dry clutch primary covers.  Working on the brakes and suspension now.  hope to have both a 25o and 400 on the track this spring..  :whoop:

I intend to use a TZ125 tank and TZ250 fairing and seat on both.
If you are interested in working the 202 MotoGP race in Austin check out the post in the racing section.

If any of you are interested there are volunteer opportunities to work the MOTO race in 2020.  I have done it the past 2 years.

There are 3 positions you can work:

Track Marshal:   The guys that to get the bike if there is a crash and if you can help get it back on track, if not get it behind the wall.   :clap:

Flagger: self explanatory  :patriot:

Rider assist:  you are the property of the EMT, your job is to do what the EMT tells you (stretcher bearer IF needed).  8)

When:  Thursday through Sunday (date is not yet confirmed for next year but it is in April)
You get 3 general admission tickets (you don't need them you can give away use for a friend or wife etc.)
You have to provide your own uniform unless you are accepted for rider assist.  Uniform is while pants and shirt.
You cannot wear anything branded (no VR46 hats or MM93, Ducati, Yamaha etc.  Depending where you work you will be on camera if there is a crash)
NO you can't video, when bikes are on track you have to be at your station.

You are responsible to get to the track and for all transportation to-from the track unless you stay at one of the hotels booked (your cost special rate) for workers in Austin, they include a shuttle bus to – from the hotel – track.
You can camp at the track in Lot M for free, it has hot showers and porta johns.
You get breakfast lunch and dinner every day.
You get Swag and prizes.
Friday Saturday and Sunday starts at 5:15 AM
Friday and Saturday end at about 6:00 PM Sunday at 4:30.
Thursday is training:  Get registered, Morning and a repeat afternoon training session.  Watch videos and you can participate in the afternoon track test if you can be there Thursday.
Friday is track inspection and certification by the FIM first thing in the am.
Then practice, more practice and more practice.  Moto3 Moto2 MotoGP and Moto America.
At the end of the day there is a pit walk.

I have been a marshal the past 2 years, first year as a corner lead (the guy with the radio headset, this year as a sector lead overseeing 3 flag positions, 2 marshal positions and 1 medical.

IF you have race experience it is HELPFUL,  I will be glad to talk to you and help with some pre-training that will put you ahead of the game.  I have really enjoyed doing this but it is an UNPAID gig.. it does put you in an incredible seat for the races.

If you have a bike and bring it you do get to do the track ride (SLOW LAP) of the track for free.
Please contact me, they need workers!!!!

Please drop me a PM or an E-mail if you are interested!