Neat little oddball bike, zero info.

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General Chatter / Can anyone ID this bike?
February 25, 2024, 06:25:10 PM
Black bike in the far back of this pic up against the Garage door. Looks to me sort of like a Suzuki GT185 Twin but the cylinder/ head fins don't match images  from my search. Looks like you can make out the GT emblem on the side cover? What say you??
General Chatter / Yama Claus
December 23, 2023, 01:37:34 PM
Very cool!
General Chatter / An automotive mileage 1st for me!
November 05, 2023, 03:32:52 PM
1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 2WD bought new and has its original 4.0 inline 6 that has never been rebuilt. This GC has trailered my bikes for many years to Deal's Gap and has been a great, troublefree vehicle.  :thumbs:  Just achieved this a couple of days ago and it is the first time for me with a 300,000 mile vehicle owned.  :clap:  I plan to treat her this winter to whatever new AC components are needed to have it cool like new. Check out the idle oil pressure in the pics taken Friday!

Who else has accumulated 300,000 on a vehicle with the original un-rebuilt engine?
Have 2 on hand but will make more. Fits original Mikuni VM26SS carbs. Test height line kit to dial in your fuel height. Hollowed bolt with nut, 2 new copper crush washers and 2 cable ties.

Also included is a properly sized O ring to fit the oil injection cap that will help prevent leakage. Helps snug up the cap for a firmer tighter fit when the O ring is installed.

$17 shipped in US. Payment via PP F&F, money order, or personal check.
Wanted to share this with all my kindred spirits here! I've used 3 different tools and about 5 different methods to remove stuck brake caliper pistons over the past 9 years rebuilding/ refurbishing over 140 different brake calipers.  :undecided:  :gentleman: What you don't want to do in removal is to use any pliers/ grips on the outside of the brake piston  :rant-1:  as you want that surface area as smooth and clean as possible.  :love:   You can also say good bye to the messiness a grease gun makes and good bye to using compressed air which may turn your piston into a slug projectile!   :ninja:  Bye bye to heat and penetrant oils. The plier type tool that you find at the auto parts chain are best used with automotive purposes and not that effective. The kit that I have pictured was about $60 and fits an assortment of brake pistons on motorcycles. The assorted sized pieces expand at the bottom which will be at the deepest point in the brake piston. To make it expand you tighten the 2 pieces with handles. Once tight, most brake pistons will come out with a 2 way back and forth twist. For frozen and seriously stuck brake pistons, you screw in the long slide handle to "pop" out the brake piston. I haven't found a brake piston that I can't remove with this kit. I don't have a link to where I purchased it but do remember it was from an ATV store. Also, with the blue/ gold spot Yamaha calipers; you need the correct tool to get the anodized caps off. I've pictured these also. You just use a wrench or socket then. Hope this may help someone! :rimshot: 
This video will teach us a thing or two.
Wanted to pass along a very close touch up paint match for those with RZ350 factory original Competition Yellow paint. This paint came to mind to me a few years ago when at Deal's Gap when a group of yellow Ford Mustang GT's came motoring in to DGMR. They parked and I hopped on my RZ and placed it beside the group to eyeball any contrasts. It looked very close to a match so upon returning home, I googled the paint code. I also discovered that these yellow Mustangs have their own large group!  :eek: The Ford paint is called Chrome Yellow. This paint in Duplicolor is Ford BZ, Chrome Yellow, part #: AFM0363. Note: this paint matches very closely for FACTORY ORIGINAL Competition Yellow paint. If you have a repaint, I can not say that it will closely match so YMMV. Pic with reference info below and it can be found and bought on eBay for less than $12.
Recently I have been upgrading my three motorcycles with the lighting from quartz halogen to LEDs. On the RZ350, I will caution those of you doing this with the instrument lighting as the light over the low oil level in the injection tank will always be illuminated IF you put the LED bulb there.  :eek: :bang: You must put in the quartz halogen back in for that one bulb position and the oil level bulb will function as intended.  :clap:I also found those trick LED strobe tail light bulbs that Russ from Detroit (I don't know his member name here?) has been using. Some may think it's annoying but I think it is a safety bonus to cagers behind you. Hope this tip helps someone out..
If anyone of you has a set of US Spec RZ350 carbs off your bike, I'd love to have a template with measurements traced out for the large upper carb support bracket. I have a spare set of carbs that I want to make the upper bracket for. I have the spare shorter lower one. Please reply if you can help me out. Thanks!  :thumbs:
Good Morning everyone- I have some sad news. Our good friend, John Evans, has peacefully passed away after a long battle with esophageal cancer. His username here was evansje1 and he had several Yamahas including a RWB 84 RZ350. Some of you know John and his son Ben from the Deals Gap Annual 2 Stroke meets. You may or may not be aware that John produced a number of episodes of previous Gap meets on YouTube called "Old folks on two strokes". He put a lot of work into those videos and there are a lot of good Deals Gap meet memories in them, so if you're not aware, you might want to check those out. I believe his YT channel was under his username here. He was a skilled rider and a great human being!

Just a few days ago, John sent a goodbye message to a good friend of mine asking to post this picture of him having his last beer with his boys.

Cheers to you brother!   :thumbs:We'll miss you! 
Looking to tap into the collective here to identify the year models for the Suzuki T500 that this wiring diagram applies to. Thanks in advance!  :taz: :whoop:
I have 4 each of both of these vintage laminates for sale. The first is the older Yamalube ad with the cat in black/ white. The color "The cat from Yamaha" ad promoted one of Yamaha's mid 70's Trials bikes. 11x14 in size laminated in quality 5 mil thickness. $13 for either shipped CONUS. Buy both at the special price of $20.  :thumbs:
These are not identical to the factory ones which have long since rotted away but they do the same job. The rubber is new and stretchable around the outer headlight ring. I have 2 available for sale at $37 each ready to ship. I've increased the price by $2 since PP has done away with the Family & Friends option. I'll accept payment in form of PP, bank/ cashiers check, or personal check. Dibs here on this thread if you want one then PM me your full name and shipping address. I can provide my details for payment then too. Thanks!
I have two kits for sale that fit the RZ350 and Banshee. This is the quick drain "no mess" cover where I take a stock cover and drill/ tap for a removable bolt that has a new crush washer. The "no mess" part is that I include a hollowed same size metric bolt attached to a long clear drain line. Simply remove the drain bolt, place your finger over the hole then attach the hollowed bolt with tube to your drain pan. Additionally, the covers were stripped to bare metal and primed and painted with metal cast paint. Have one in metallic silver and another in metallic red. I may have another but will have to look. Blowout pricing at $28 including shipping to you. CONUS only and will accept either PayPal, personal check, bank check, or cash. Dibs here on this thread if interested. Thanks!
I have a few each of the 70/71/72 Yamaha R5 print ad laminates for sale. $12 each CONUS with payment by  PayPal Friends & Family (please add 4% if not using gifted F&F). These are 8.5x11 on 24 lb paper with 5 mil quality lamination film. It costs me $5-6 to ship each so I'm not making big $ here. I will discount the purchase of 2 or more at the following prices (after $12 initial 8.5x11 purchase).

- 8.5x11 @ $7 each
- 11x14 @ $8.50 each
- 11x17 @ $10 each

If you are looking for something in particular, just ask. This includes wiring diagrams too and I'm offering free shipping as I'll cover that.

Here are the R5 laminates:

I want to give thanks to Paul Needham and Nathan/ retaRD for finding both of these vintage Yamaha Autolube cartoon advertisements. In period black/ white so that gives you an indicator of when these were promoted. I'm bringing some to give to anyone who would like one (one free per person). I'll try and bring some extra cardboard for transport as you don't really want to roll these up. Paul N. and retaRD will get these as I have these earmarked with their name on it. Nathan- I know you are local to the Gap area and most always ride down so if you'd like me to mail yours, please send me a PM with mailing address. I'll have 3-4 extra different laminates too with just a few of each free so you can see those too.

Also, if you have an RZ350, I will be introducing a new product kit that has been around for the Banshee crowd for years with many RZ owners using it, but I improved it as a package as well as in looks. $40 total and I'll only have 3 with me completed and for sale.

I'll have my yellow '84 Yamaha RZ350 Kenny Rogers Edition bike with me  :umm:  :whistle: (Yes, I have one of the rare Southern special models)  :eek: :olaf:and will be up the hill at DGMR (HQ) in Rm 14.
I'll have several sets and singles of ready to go loaded EX500 front brake calipers 2 sets of loaded Yamaha blue spot calipers, 2 rebuilt H2 master cylinders (one early, one later model), and 2 rebuilt EX500 front masters. This sale is special and open to those coming to Deal's Gap 2022. I also have just a few EX adapter plates for Kaw Triples. Kaw Triple owners and GS/GT Suzuki owners like the EX units and and salty monk on GS Resources sells a nice adapter kit. I just finished installing dual EX's with 296mm Honda Valkyrie rotors on my GT750 but it will not be at the Gap this year. Save on shipping and get what you need at rock bottom pricing. Pricing: any caliper set $150, single EX (either left or right) $75, front master cylinders are $60 each, and EX adapter plates are $20 each. Payment accepted: cash, personal check (if I know you), or PayPal. I'll allow anyone to dib ahead of the meet if you send me a PM.

One of our Gap local attendees had a mishap last year on his H2 and needed an EX caliper/ pads but I did not bring any stock. I can also rebuilt your master or caliper(s) but not while at the Gap. $40 per unit labor cost with you furnishing the core, rebuild kit, pads, as well as paying for return shipping. I'll be glad to take your unit back with me if that scenario applies to you. I can discuss my process with you if desired while at the Gap. I've rebuilt and sold over 170 master cylinders and around 70 calipers in the past 8 years selling on websites and eBay.

Thanks and see ya'll soon!
General Chatter / Yamaha Logo
February 19, 2022, 09:05:31 AM
My better half and adult children didn't know or see the significance of the classic Yamaha logo. Have any of you found similar results?
I have scheduled surgery for carpel tunnel release on my right dominant hand in less than a month. I only have about 60% of total feeling in the hand/ fingers and lots of tingling too. I go in tomorrow morning for the EMG nerve study which I know will be a "shocking" experience. I was told by the Orthopedist hand specialist that I will regain all feeling in the hand in time. Looking for input from those that have had to go this route.