Neat little oddball bike, zero info.

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Thanks SoCal!  yes it's my baby, I really really dont want to sell it. I don't like selling bikes at all, and committed not to ever again!(too many nice ones are gone!) Well, this attitude gets you 15 motorcycles in a 2 car garage. Can't even move around in there. In a weak moment, I promised the wife that she would be able to park her new car in the garage. I know, I'm an idiot!  I guess I can't take them all with me!  Lol
I've been fortunate to be involved with this show from early on, and I've seen a lot. I just want to say that this years show was a huge success because of the team I get to work closely with once a year.  Patty, Marci, Max, Steve,Daytona John from Nor-cal(long drive every year!)  and Mike get to work hard and stress a little bit and try and make sure everything is getting handled. We are grateful (and safer) to have a leader on our ride as knowledgeable as Mike!  I'm honored to work with this great bunch of volunteers who love 2 Strokes a bit more than we should. Thanks guys(and gals)! Paul
Ride Saturday,  Show Sunday.....  We are back at the Wolf Creek Brewery  25108 Rye Canyon Loop in beautiful Santa Clarita Ca 91355 .  October 9-10 2021 .  For more info and latest updates see our facebook page... Expect the usual beautiful rare and unique 2t motorcycles and twisty canyon roads on Saturday. Then bike judging , raffles, the World Famous Smokeout at Noon,and ice cold Wolf Creek Beer on Sunday. See you there!   

Events / 22nd annual 2 STROKE EXTRAVAGANZA Weekend
April 02, 2019, 08:41:46 PM
Ride Saturday,Show on Sunday! May 18 and 19
Facebook page " 2 STROKE EXTRAVAGANZA" for all particulars..... As Always, Free to attend and display your 2 Stroke powered machine Sunday at the Wolf Creek Brewery in Valencia CA