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Some of you may know me as a landspeed racer and machinist. There was a thread on this forum about my adventures at Bonneville in the old days before M in NC had to save this wonderful place.

I still race the RD400 on the salt and at ElMirage but this year I also started running another RD400 in the ARHMA road race series. I have a lot to learn about going around corners fast. I love these bikes.

Me, Ed Elenbach. Gerome Mills, a couple years ago at ElMo. 

 rained out World Finals


I built this RD350 about twenty years ago. It has a bunch of cool cnc machined parts on it like the rear sets, triple clamp, clip-ons, etc

Since it seems there are not very many options in the aftermarket, I would make a few sets of everything i have done in the past, to sell.

These are on my old reliable RD400 that goes everywhere.

Tried and tested.

My plan is to sell these as long as it is fun and makes enough to pay for itself. My customer base is custom street rod and motorcycle parts for other builders and it pays the bills so this only fun.

I am going to put the rear sets out there for an initial $350 a set because I want some feedback. They will go up to $450 soon. I have RD400 and RD350 drum brake covered but i'm sure there are variations and pipe configurations that I need help with.

Keep in mind that I make these in house. They are not sent out to another machine shop or middle man. To change, modify, do something new is easy. I do need a Daytona version if someone wants to work with me on that. I will make another thread on triples, clip-ons, kick start levers and other things.

Anyway cheers. You can reach me at which is the best way. My number is 801-809-4078 but I hardly answer it. Text at times.
I dont FB much but do check in.

If you want to see a shop tour.

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