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There's not a lot of HPI install info I could find.
So this is what I went through for Mike's RD350.
He brought me his bike together but no wiring on the bike as the stock harness was taken off.
Mike did have everything mounted with the cdi and regulator.
I added lots of engine and frame grounds, then built a bare bones harness for just lights, brake lights, high and low headlight, charging system and tach power.

The hard part was where to set initial static timing as the HPI website showed setting it using a scale whether using clockwise or counter clockwise rotor rotation.

This was misleading for me...

Following those notes the timing was way off like *50-*60 degrees!

The proper static mark was to use the white hash mark on the left of the HPI logo for counter clockwise rotor direction.
I had to find this out by using a reversible 1/2 electric drill on the end of the crank to spin it to use my timing light.
(Engine smoked like crazy on the first startup due to me squirting oil in the intake to lube it good while doing this!)

These pics is the pointer scribe mark with it set at 1.8mm BTDC.
I'll paint the rotor black next time as the chrome rotor was very hard to see when using the timing light! :eek:

Like when I do a Vape/PD install I pull the clutch cover to use a adjustable wrench to hold the crank to torque the rotor bolt at 148" inch lbs with blue locktite.
Sorry that I didn't write down the rotor bolt length. I buy all my hardware from
I used 7mm x 1 hardened bolt with 7mm hardened fender washer first then a 8mm hardened thick washer and a hardened 7mm lock washer.   


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