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My friend's WR500 flat tracker project and Virago cafe racer

Started by smokah, March 25, 2020, 11:21:15 AM

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My friend Scott is a motorcycle mad scientist. he has a Fat Boy, FZ01, RD200, RD350, Royal Enfield 650, Buell, Bandit 1200, Savage Rizla tribute bike, Yamaha scrambler custom build and a few dirt bikes and assorted project bikes. All but the Buell are highly customized. The dirt track bike is a WR500 open class motocross engine stuffed into a ninja 250 frame. It's gonna be a fun bike. The Virago cafe racer is thick! Huge headlight. Fat front and rear tires. Custom seat. And he built a loft for some of the bikes, including an elevator using a harbor freight wench to get up there


I like the XS750 tank on the Virago. The tank is probably the best thing about the XS750.

m in sc


This is the scrambler. It's got a single lung 600cc heart!


This is the Rizla tribute. Savage 500cc single lung heart.


All those bikes are hella cool; we should all be so lucky as to have a friend like Scott! I've seen that Rizla bike before. Was it in Cafe Racer magazine?
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It was. I'm hoping the Virago makes it in there too


The WR500 tracker is painted and the new top end is almost done. This thing is gonna be a hoot to ride.


Well this is a sad update on the Tracker project. Mating the YZ490 engine to the WR500 trans and lower end is messing with the timing at the stator plate. This has stalled completion of this fun bike. If anyone can help, please chime in. The creator isn't on here so I'm trying to help a brother out. Anyone mated a YZ490 top to a WR500 bottom?

m in sc

re-clock the plate. Ive done similar when i used an H1E igntion on an S2. the clocking is totally different.

OR.. get an aftermarket CDI for it, like an HPI.  OR, go with a zeeltronic box on a cdi, they can offset up to 50 degrees of static offset. theres lots of ways to approach it.

btw.. high pipe on that: better. .02


He knows he has to reclock it. He's frustrated and about ready to give up on it. I told him to keep reclocking until he gets it but I feel like he's had it with this project, unfortunately. He made one before but the YZ490 bottom end wasn't good for the street so this time he went a different route.

m in sc


He just bought a vape ignition for it so he's at least gonna give it one more try... but once it's running, it's for sale.


Phoenix is in my shopping/buying area......................... :whoop:
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Doesn't make sense to me that if the whole ignition system is WR500 that it won't still fire in the same position with the YZ490 top end as the WR is basically a YZ in a more up to date frame
Crank goes back to the YZ465, cylinder was first used on the 87 YZ490, piston 1983 YZ490. The stator & charge coil comes from the 83 IT250K, pulser coil was used on the YZ490 from 83 as well as the IT250K
Only part in the ignition or top end that is different between the YZ490 & WR500 is the head