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Porting Prices 2021

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John Ritter:
Guys I cleared this post through Mark first as it isn't typical to put a business post entry here.  This is for RD's, R-5 & DS-7.

Stage 1 :   street & entry level racing 
RD Twins - $250.  Machined for V-Force or Banshee Cages - $340.
Modify all cylinder ports, match duct entries to base gasket and lightly polish exhaust ports.  Modify oem reed valves. Machine cylinder heads for 92 octane. Inspect cylinder gasket surfaces (reed/base/head) for warpage, machine to correct if required.
John Ritter


That's a great deal!

That's a per cylinder price, right?

John Ritter:
No Wade, that is a full blown complete Stage 1 Top End & both reed cavities as an option. As I told Mark, I'm just giving back a bit. 

Wow, that is awesome John! :clap:


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