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new trail 125

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m in sc:
Just grabbed it today. Only put 2 mile son it, was busy and weather wasnt too warm. But, pretty neat, i think this should be fun for errands. Angie already has shown interest in it as well.

while basically grom based, it smush bigger than the grom. rear rack is 18x18"  :eek:

peeled off some of the 'federally mandated' decals but that's about it. super comfy, dorky as hell and fun. should be pretty useful to run errands. going to grab a collapsible milk crate for the rack.  :vroom:

has blankout, will put power port there. not much instrumentation, no tach. lol.

fenders are all metal. its made really well. typical honda.

with the 67 kawi C2TR

Is that the update to the old Trail 90?

m in sc:
sort of yes. basically grom based. a lot physically bigger than a grom.. 17" wheels etc.   fuel injected, etc.  weather is shit so it'll sit in garage a few days but I wanted a quiet simple run around. since I was planning about year and a half ago to buy a new stock grom (since my old one was hot ridden to death, literally), when this was announced, I waited.  I do have to say, its very well built.

taking bets on how long it is before the modifications start...  :dawg:


m in sc:
so, does a collapsible milk crate for the rack count? yes, i got one :dawg: i -did- order a chrome exhaust shield, i cant deal with the painted silver one.  also ordered a set of YSS shocks as the preload isn't adjustable on the stockers.  :bang: . parts are still cheap until it gets popular .  But still not going to go too crazy.

Oh, did add a ram mount and power port but i do that to most of the bikes.

so yeah. took like 3 days.  :dawg:


i know. edgy stuff.

if you look close, i also moved the rear reflectors off the plate mount, inward, onto the tail light mount and trimmed the plate bracket.

I cant help it. 


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