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Laminated wiring diagrams for sale

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Evans Ward:
I’m offering these as a service to our old bikes and the members here to aid in keeping them on the road. These wiring diagrams are laminated in glossy 5 mil thickness and are super handy to use when working on your bike. No more grease or oil stains on your rare manual wiring diagram! I have limited quantity for the following bikes: R5C/ DS7, RD350/A/B, RZ350 USA 84-5, RD400 C/D, RD400F Daytona Special, Kawasaki H2/A 750 Triple, and Suzuki GT750 US and UK model. Pricing is $5 each shipped CONUS via gifted PayPal or personal check and I’ll discount 10% off orders of 2 or more. If interested, you can message me with which you want along with your name/ mailing address. I’ll return your message to supply my PP address. Thanks!

Brother Evans
I want one of the H2 one of the RZ350 and one for the RD350B.
PM sent.

VERY cool. I need to get one or more. I am in the middle of finishing my basement and I will need to frame them with the other RD phots I have from you. Would look good in my pinball room.

The Red Scourge:
That's awesome!  PM Sent!

Evans Ward:
PMs returned to kawtriplefreak and The Red Scourge. Thanks guys!


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