Author Topic: Professional Services to be moved to vendor section (please read)  (Read 306 times)

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I am going to request/require ALL professional services to be directed towards the vendor section.  This will prvide clarity and direction for anyone looking to have services done.

There is -zero- cost on the part of the vendors, just to be clear.  Any obligations required to this move to anyone is that to offer any services to board members, please do so there. Link to your section, or the like.
any vendor MUST put down contact information and rough location (city/state) and links to anyones website to use this forum to sell parts or services on a professional level.

Parting out a clapped out DS7 you are tired of looking at in your basement doesnt count.

media blasting for pay, carb services, crank rebuilding, porting, painting, powder coating, etc DO when its done on a regular basis. even if its a side venture.

I think this will help everyone in the long run.