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Anyone Using A Deltran/Battery Tender LI Battery?


Interested in this one:

 The built in protection circuit looks desirable to prevent over-charging.


Bought one for our 2015 Honda Grom when the stock one went bad.  Purchased on March 31, 2018; haven't had a problem.  This was before the built in charging circuit.  Not sure if we've ever had it on a charger, but if we have it would have been the Battery Tender lead/lithium charger that came with it.

Shorai batteries can be maintained with a RC charger that can do Li-Fe and can use a balancing lead.  I use that arrangement for the Shorai batteries I have as I somehow ended up with extras and need to maintain them.

The charger I use is a 'Hobby King C3', the lead I purchased for balancing is 'Associated Reedy 4s Balance Lead ASC27230'.

If you go with the new Battery Tender line let me know how it works out.

I have one of these chargers:

I bought one of the early Anti-Gravity batteries several years ago. It failed early without much usage. The replacement has proven to be more durable. They are expensive though.

m in sc:
man that is some fancy ass battery tech.   :cheers: 

LI batteries don't tolerate over-charging well. I think the problems begin around 14.7 volts.


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