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Another of the many projects going on.  Actually there are two of these.  Both are works in progress and are up for sale.  One needs the rebuilt carburetor installed, the fork boots cut off to check the condition of the forks, and a test run.  The other hasn't run in years but is also complete.  I have a rebuilt carburetor for it also.

Pics is of the former.

Forgot to mention.  Both have JDM center stands.  the one in the pic has the proper fasteners but needs a stop made.  I'm guessing the JDM pipes had a stop on them for the center stand.

The other has a JDM center stand also, but it didn't come with the fasteners.

Both were bought off Yahoo auctions in Japan.  Sometimes it's nice having family in Japan.  Other times is sucks because COVID keeps you from visiting them.

It's running  :metal:  Didn't at first, helps if you connect the plug cap  :bang:  Wouldn't idle without the choke.  Realized it had a vacuum feed petcock, plugged the vacuum (was running it off a remote tank) and it ran and idled fine  :bang:  Yeah it's been a while since I've dug this deep in anything this 'modern'  :dawg:

Some plastic welding and it should be good to go.  Peeked under the decomposing fork gaiters and the forks look good.  I'll have to completely remove them to be sure.  If my wife likes it it's hers.  If not it will be up for sale.

The hardest part of the build was finding a new carb slide.  They aren't made anymore and the NOS one I found on eBay was pretty expensive.  The I came across this site:

The replacement diaphragm seems to be working fine.  They sell other items that may help some of you out with projects.

So...rebuilt the petcock, installed new exhaust gaskets, and started up.  Wants to stall with the choke off while rolling on the throttle until it's warmed up.  I'm guessing I don't have the carb setup quite right.  Took it for a test ride, runs nicely.  Noticed fuel coming out of the bottom of the float bowl after it was shut off and cooling down.  Thought the the drain screw might be loose so opened and closed it.  Fuel still coming out.  My best guess is that the overflow runs through the same output but the other carb for the other SRX is at the shop.  Can anyone confirm that it may be a float height issue?  I did set the fuel level with a clear tube, that's the reason for the confusion.

Don't know your carb, but some have an internal brass overflow tube (port shared with the drain) that develops tiny splits. I have successfully repaired some with solder, but it isn't a sure thing. Test it by filling the bowl (over a sink) with >91% isopropyl alcohol and watching for leakage.


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