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Heading out on the TU250X


Winter storage is over. Returning my daughter's TU back to Vermont from NY today. Got to go over the mountain between Bennington and Brattleboro. It's steep, I hope I don't hold up traffic.    :rolleyes:

It'll get you there. Not real fast, but there.

(I have one for commuting and really kind of like it.)

The TU did surprising well. At the steepest part of the mountain climb, downshift to 5th and WFO, she held 53mph.  :righteous:

Took the MSF course with my wife when she decided she wanted her motorcycle license, moral support and all.  We both rode TU250X's.  Bike was a BLAST.  Was doing the offset cones with the throttle pegged, I was surprised they let me.  During the course they kept telling my wife to watch 'him'.  She kept telling them, "...that's my husband, he used to race...".  Guess the moral support backfired.  Went to the local Suzuki dealer to buy her one, none of the sales people seemed interested in trying to get on in the color we wanted.  Including someone I knew from the track.  Ended up buying her a used Savage, then the Grom, then the DT125A.  Guess it all worked out fine :D

I've always wanted to test ride one of those. Seen many of them on the road and have only heard good review on them.


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