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So I bought this FZR400r swingarm, and it came with this Yamaha shock. What the hell is the thing I circled for?

m in sc:
damping adjustment.  take spring off and adjust that screw, you'll feel the difference in the shock resistance at different settings. usually like that they work a small set of gears that control a tiny shaft in the main rod that threads in and out of the orifice of the inside of the shock body, like a metering valve, to control this.  :twocents:

Thanks! So you figure turn to the left, less dampening, turn to the right, more dampening?

m in sc:
not sure. is there a + and - on it? wire wheel the housing, they usually have some faint marking on it. but not always.   :twocents:

And a damping adjuster at the bottom of the shock will control rebound.


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