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Can't go anywhere on these hooligans!

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Can't hardly take these out in public! Mostly gray haired guys telling me their stories from their youth. My kinda guys. They all recognize the Honda, but few know what the Yamaha is.

I know what the Yamaha is. Used to own one.

What you should see is how people chat him up in that work van. It's like riding around with Brad Pitt!

m in sc:
people go nuts over those old hondas. I sorta get it. the VJMC guys are just all over those things at every meet or show. neat though. is it a 160 or a 305?

305cc CL77 or perhaps a rarer CL72 250.

Great motors but limited by stock 4 speed indirect trans.  I still have an NOS crank in its box for a CL77.


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