Author Topic: Whats going on, old data info and basic info  (Read 2376 times)

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Whats going on, old data info and basic info
« on: February 10, 2019, 03:18:55 PM »
As we all know, the old board expired. A few of us tried for mos to get a hold of matty, to no avail. The database and related information were, unfortunately, lost.

I bought this domain, and and am blatantly trying to re-create the old board. if matty has an issue with it, well, reach out we can discuss. However, it legally expired so, now its ours. By ours, I mean all of ours as a group as it was to the best of my ability.

The old rules apply. Just the way it is. I will need as few moderators, I'll reach out.

Go ahead and register. I approve all members for now. This will keep the spam down.

Joe and Clem tracked down the archive version of the forum, which i will put a link below to. Feel free to copy and paste your old posts if you want, because it won't be there forever.

I will pretty up the site and make it basically as it was after i get more familiar with the software, so sit tight. i haven't done this stuff in close to 10 years, so bear with me.

I also do have a life outside this, so I'll be relatively available but not 24/7.  be patient for registration approval.

Lets repopulate this board with the info we all share!


-Mark *and enjoy yourselves