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super cub in the garage

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m in sc:
brand new 21 honda supercub now in the garage..  and not mine! I taught Angie to ride last yr, she got her endorsement, and decided a supercub was what she wanted. She picked this out, paid for it and had it delivered wed. took a  short neighborhood rides and today did a 50 mile round trip. she did great, and im.proud. 

Very cool!!

Evans Ward:
Nice! She does look very happy in the photo. The perfect bike to compliment your Trail 125. Ya’ll have fun!  :clap:

 :clap: I’m sure like most of us here. Sooner or later if you’re around me long enough I’m going to make you ride a motorcycle. Some take to it some don’t. Sounds like she did!

Pretty cool :celebrate: Tell her congrats on the new ride!


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