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The Red Scourge:
I finally did it.  I got my hands on one of the legendary Japanese 4 cylinder inline 4 sport bikes from the late 80's.  It's a 1988 CBR400RR.  When I bought it, I couldn't find another model for sale online in the U.S. (eBay, Facebook,  What's wild to me is that I paid $3,000 for it and it had been listed for 2 months.  To me, I got a hell of a deal.  It runs well, maybe a little rich, but it's so much fun to ride!  Handling is superb and turns into corners like nothing!  It came with race fairings that I'll be refinishing using the stock reproduction decals.  I don't know what it is, but I love old fiberglass race bodywork!  For those who aren't familiar with the little Fireblade, they were only sold it Japan.  Apparently there were hefty taxes in place for bikes over 400cc, so the Big 4 put a lot of love and then cutting edge tech into their 400cc inline 4's.  A good number of these made it into the UK as grey market imports.  It has a wicked sound due to the gear-driven cams and it redlines at 14,500.  It just wants to be opened up. 

This particular bike apparently was brought to the U.S. by a military servicemember who had bought it in Germany while stationed there.  It has a title, so it is (thankfully) street legal.  It needs the fork seals replaced, so that's up first.  I just bought a house with a nice garage space, so working on it will be considerably more enjoyable than my last place.  These pics are from the ad as I haven't had the chance to get any pictures of it yet.  More to come!

The Red Scourge:
More pics.

m in sc:
thats sweet!  I had a 75 400ss... was a turd. I hear those like yours are excellent! congrats!   :toot:

The Red Scourge:

--- Quote from: m in sc on August 13, 2021, 02:28:30 PM ---thats sweet!  I had a 75 400ss... was a turd. I hear those like yours are excellent! congrats!   :toot:

--- End quote ---

Thanks Mark!  Here's some good reading on this class of bikes from MCN if anyone's interested.

I had a VFR 400 grey import bike in the mid 90's for a while. Fantastic little bike to ride, but not so great to work on as everything is shoehorned in.


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