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2021 Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials

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2021 Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials are coming up this Sunday.
Was going with my RGV big bore, but the world caused some changes in plans, and I am taking my Hayabusa instead.
Friend I met there several years ago is taking his 82-83 TZ with a RZ350 based engine.
24 hour road time from my house to the salt.....not looking forward to that part.

Way to go Randy, have an adventure! Set a record while you're there, man. We will be cheering for you  :thumbs:

Awseome! :olaf: Have a great trip and best of luck out there. Sounds like lots of fun!

Good luck! Be safe and have fun!


It was a more ways than one.
I'll try to make it short.
I registered late because I was not sure how, or if I could find a way to get my bike there.
Registering late moved the cost from about $600 to register, to over $900
So....instead of paying over $900 to run all week for a record, I put my bike in the Run What You Brung class for $200.
This gave me 2 runs down the salt....on the short course (3 mile segment)
The track was pretty hard packed this year from what it has been other years, but it is still a smooth gravel road.
Obviously 2 runs is nowhere enough to understand how to go full speed on this type of surface....but I had to start somewhere.
Did a rookie orientation on Saturday, and we all went down the track to various points.
I was riding my KD80, and noticed that the track was full of holes, like chunks missing from pavement.
I asked, won't this give head shake, and the guy said if you go over it fast enough you won't notice....I started to question why I was where I was.
Sunday, Early AM I made my first was pathetic....but I did learn as pushed it harder near the end, the track did feel smooth.
After that first run, I thought I had it figured out a little better and went directly back into the lineup.
More bikes were running now, so it became a longer wait time, and hotter outside.
After about 1 1/2 hours there were only 2 bikes ahead of me so I got my helmet on and told the wife to zip tie my sidestand.
The bike on the line to go next was a stretched Kaw H2, that the rider was having a hard time starting.
Since it wouldn't start, they let the next guy go who was directly in front of me, and I was next...
Right at that point the guy who had been trying to get the H2 started...fell over dead on his bike from either heat, or heart issues.
Guy right behind me jumped off his bike and started to try to bring him back...after over 2 minutes he started breathing again.
Needless to say things got shut down, so I pulled my leathers off as I was feeling dead myself from wearing those leathers so damn long waiting.

By the time I was allowed to run....I was ready to just get it over with and go home.....put a little more effort into it....but still pathetic

I did what I said I would do, which means something to me if to no one else.
But on the way back to Salt Lake that day, I still felt like a loser.

In the RWB class I had chosen, I learned that after the first2 runs, you could pay $52 for each run after....
So I came back the next day, planning on staying til I at least broke 150.

Got bike unloaded, went immediately to prestage, then to staging....sat for about 1 1/2 hours again.
Then I was up....rolled out onto the track and went further around to get a longer/straighter shot at mile 1 mark to give it throttle.
Rolled into 2nd easily then in 3rd I rolled it up to redline trying to keep a reasonable amount of traction to get some speed.
Then 4th, then 5th to red line....showing a bit over 180 on the speedo (pickup on countershaft for speed)....and I passed the 3 mile flag and it was over.

I decided to quit while I was ahead....and went home.

If I had the longer mountain course, I would have had and extra mile to get up to speed, but as a rookie having no idea what the hell I was doing on the 3 mile course...I didn't stand a chance.

Live and learn....I will probably be back....


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