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2021 Bike/Bicycle/Crafts show October 2nd in Knoxville

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Our church's 3rd bike show is drawing near. Right off I-75 in Powell, TN (a North Knoxville suburb). Bikes, crafts, food, good times. Stop by and visit! The Time Warp Vintage Motorcycle Club has made it an official club event for this year.

Just (less than) a couple weeks away!

We had some nice bikes there.

Good variety of machines there! That RZ rider has some serious braking hardware; is he known here on the forum?


--- Quote from: pidjones on October 05, 2021, 08:12:33 AM ---We had some nice bikes there.

--- End quote ---
  Hey pidjones. i was really wanting to be there. unfortunately my company thought i would be of better use in korea for a couple of more days !! uggghhhh !!!  gonna try to meet up with you at time warp soon. congrats on a nice show  :thumbs:


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