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80's bmw K75?


Howdy, I've always liked the styling and concept of the BMW K75, I've seen a few pop up in the $2500-3500 range recently, kinda thinking about getting one. But I'm a little concerned that parts for a 35year old bmw may quickly add up to more than the purchase price, and I'm not sure I like them *that* much. But for context I left my 2004 v-strom gas tank almost empty for over 4 years (life and knee surgery...), lots of rust... a replacement OE fuel pump is over $800 and a new gas tank is over $1000...but I really like that bike.

Any of y'all have any experience with these old bricks?

m in sc:
i dig the bricks. i briefly kas a 1000 a LONG time ago, id own another.  you can find anything on the web, i say go for it.  :cheerleader:


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