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Saxon-Laverda (local). Check this thing out.

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m in sc:
Im no laverda expert, but we have a local guy that collects them.. and rides them. Yes, ive always lusted after one.
Over the summer he showed up on THIS (see below). what a -fantastic- bike. I think its registered as a 92? 

I need to wrangle a ride on this. According to him, there's only 5 like this in the world.  Note the front suspension, BMW basically killed them with lawsuits because of it. :whatever: :'(

post w article on model below:

Beautiful bike.  Thanks for sharing the pics and link.

That's the most interesting design I've seen in a while, some strong 'out-of-the-box' thinking, and lots of it. Imagine the jig for the frame...

And what's going on with the circular thing with 2 SHCS's and 2 holes, split mostly in half (pic 10)? I'd be interested to see it apart...

Thanks for the pics!

m in sc:
lower front 'swingarm' pivot.

Neat! I saw a VW Corado race car with a similar design. They had to keep the Macpherson strut as per the rules, so they built gutless struts and then ran pushrods and bell cranks to the cars interior. That allowed them to use much better dampers, they also got rising rate, less unsprung weight,

I imagine that split section can be de-tensioned then turned, it's an eccentric that moves the pivot of the rear of the swingarm. This allows for a change in rake and trail, as well as anti-dive properties. It's probably easier than using heims or shims to adjust while also avoids changing the length of swingarm. But I am speculating on that. Either that or it houses bearings for the swingarm.

I found this article on the front end, which is fairly interesting in regards to anti-dive.


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