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DT250 Stray Mutt Hellride

Started by irk_miller, July 29, 2022, 10:10:30 AM

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Thought I'd share a project I have going on that went back on the lift post Mid-Ohio.  It's a bird-in-hand type build, as many of my projects tend to be.  I've been collecting piles for basically nothing the last 10 years, and now pillage the piles for parts.  The engine is a DT1 and the frame is later.  I got the engine in a pile of trade.  It changed hands 4X amongst friends and finally found a home with me.  I bought the frame for $100 at Barber along with another cool bill for the British bolt on hardtail.  The wheels are RD350 and the forks XS750.  The tank is from a Motron moped and comes with a fun spring loaded rack.  The handlebars are from an XR80, iirc.  The seat is an XL engine guard that's got the right shape and it's symmetrical.  I have an idea for how I want to upholster it.  That's a bicycle spring for a seat spring, which has the perfect rebound.   

I had been looking for a down pipe over a year now and finally just settled on a KDX250 snail pipe that I cut up and twisted the bends to get the routing.  It all measures out, but I know it's a shot in the dark that it will work.  I am not averse to sending the bike to JEMCO or someone, but that's big money for a yard build.  The snail pipe was a whopping $25 at Mid Ohio.  If the bike works well from 0 - 45 mph, I'll be happy.  If it doesn't work, at least I know it will look rad not working.

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i dont want to like it. But i really like it.  :cheerleader:


If the snail worked in original configuration, I don't see why it wouldn't as a down pipe. Someday though, your artist's eye will get you in trouble. Until then, still waiting for the panty-dropper trike.
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I can get behind a two stroke chopper, better than alot of stuff you see these days :cheerleader:

IIRC the engine cares about cross section and length primarily, direction doesnt matter much so you should be fine.

My Kdx250 was almost like a four stroke to ride in the woods, not peaky and good midrange, I assume heavy flywheel and conservative porting.  Would rip if you stayed in it but easier to ride slow than an MX.  I havent been on a Dt250 in a while but I'd guess its similar so I think its going to be a good choice.


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m in sc

i did the same thing ont he grom, reclocked the quads stock pipe, works great. as long as the cl is the same length, it doesnt care