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Are we just morbid lovers of 2 stroke race bikes?

Started by soonerbillz, September 17, 2022, 02:55:06 PM

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The Red Scourge

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Gil Gallad

after just coming back from the oliver's mount gold cup meeting at scarborough and watching the lightweight races, which included tz250's and nsr 250's, plus a couple of very quick 125's, i'd have to say YES  :celebrate:
cheers, gil.



Yup, always a special experience to ride a two stroke.  Younger guys that have ridden any of my typically stockish bikes always return with a smile.  Even my cb350 obsessed buddy loves the 400 but is always suprised by the lack of engine braking.


The Author didnt do his research very well.  They call the Suzuki TR500 a 4 stroke, and then immediately say they needed to build a 2 stroke but were beaten to the punch by Yamaha.

The TR500 was a 2 stroke that used technology they stole from MZ in the 60's.  Suzuki was making 2 strokes before Yamaha.

Everyone here should read "Stealing Speed" by Matt Oxley on kindle.  You will be delighted.  One of the most fun books for a 2 stroke lover to read.


RD were race bread so I guess we all love the 2 stroke racers.. Being and OLD racer TZ's to RD's are worlds apart.

   Long live 2 stroke street bikes