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Started by m in sc, December 06, 2023, 04:37:42 PM

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m in sc

fyi, off of the polling & side messages, I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the 1st run.

here is what i have ordered:

right now, on graphic 1, i have :

on black shirts:
2 large
7 xl


5 large
2 xl


5 large
3 xl
1 2xl


2 medium
3 large

graphic 2:


2 large

5 xl

2 2xl


1 medium

4 large

5 xl


3 large

2 xl


1 large

2 xl

paypal is $30 usd per shirt at:

(assuming the shipping and everything stays the same) and IN the paypal message, i -NEED-_ your user name, what you ordered, and a shipping address. I'll create a spreadsheet and post it here to show whos ordered what and whats shipped out, etc.

You can please wait until 12/8 until i get verification nothing changed on their end. whoever pays 1st gets 1st ones off the press.  LIke said, let me get verification BEFORE you send any $. Do not send for goods and services, if you do, it will be 35 bucks per shirt.

thanks guys


m in sc

hold tight. somebody over at the print shop had a heart attack a few mos ago or something and has been working half days.


Mark - Is there a way to see what I voted for?
Thanks for this.
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m in sc

I don't have data on the polling (who voted for what).

hopefully Monday I can get a hold of somebody over there, if not I'm taking a drive over see what the fuck is going on..  so don't send me any $ yet.

m in sc

OK!!  found a new place to do it. might be a bit more but not much, so lets say 35 shipped.

I was also thinking, with design 2, w the daytona stripe: does anyone want it on the front? option 2 will stay on the back for now but i can do either.


Quote from: AAAltered on December 10, 2023, 09:35:02 AMMark - Is there a way to see what I voted for?
Ed, if you go to the poll, your selections will be in bold
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m in sc


Im heading down to the print shop tomorrow prior to work, i should have an answer tomorrow as i will probably lay down the $ for the 1st order after all thats done I'll announce it.


I totally missed the boat on these.  Will there be another chance at some point?

m in sc

Oh, its no problem on ordering, i actually paid for the 1st order on one style of shirt, it was a bit expensive than I had anticipated, but this had to do with the colors.  I'll put up a post int he for sale section. for that reason, im going to lock this topic and re-direct there so i dont miss any requests.