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Distinguished Gentleman's Ride


m in sc:
So, as with every year, Im going again. In the past I have ridden exclusively 2 strokes except the 1st year i took the morini 3 1/2. this year, going to take the CB1100 just because. 

For those that have never done it, do it. Its genuinely fun, and the scooter crowd always seems to really come out in good numbers. There's always neat bikes to see, its kid and spouse friendly. Also, a really good cause.

read here for general info:

Its a global event, so everyone reading this can participate. Definitely take something out, the weirder the better.  :patriot: :celebrate: :cheerleader:

few pics. from '15, me on the C2TR

last year, my t500 and R5 (i loaned it out that year)

Left to right: my friend David (rode his turbo XS400), my GF Angie, Me, Mitch (rode a choppered out CSR305 )

part of the Charlotte ride , 2017. (thats the one i attend)

this was maybe half of attendees


Good for you M in SC and it's a great cause.  This will be my 3rd year of participating and my 1st on a 2T.  Looking forward to it!  :whoop: :celebrate: :toot:

Anybody doing the Madison WI DGR?


--- Quote from: Czakky on August 15, 2019, 01:36:38 PM ---Anybody doing the Madison WI DGR?

--- End quote ---

I'll probably do the Milwaukee ride if I go.

Registered again for Colorado Springs.  The Boulder Street Moto Garage here sponsors the event - very cool!  Check out the pics -- Girls!!!! 
I'm ditching my 70's suit crap this time and went a little crazy with some steampunk/victorian period clothes -- can't wait!


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