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Finishing up another blokes build... RZ250.

Started by boars, March 28, 2019, 02:31:02 AM

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Bought this today - have had my eyes on it for a while - it's been for sale since about October last year.

Trigger warning: this isn't a stock restoration - people who love old smokers restored to their former glory need not look further ;)
This has got to be one of the biggest mish mashes of bikes I've seen in a while.

Reminds me what a 12 year old would smash together to make the "ultimate" bike - having said that, I'm probably still a 12 year old at heart so interpret that how you will!

Points of note (or contention):

  • Aprilia RS250 MK II front forks and wheel
  • Cagiva Mito 125 rear subframe and gear
  • Suzuki RG 250 exhausts grafted onto RZ exausts just before expansion chambers
  • Honda VFR400 rear shock, swingarm and wheel
  • Yamaha R1 Tacho - plan on swapping this to a Kawasaki Z750 one (it'd match the red/white theme)
  • And a bunch of random non make specific aftermarket parts like Tyga carbon fenders, moto gadget indicators, and Motogadget M unit Blue...
Full parts run down is on here:

It's such a pig dog, I love it.

Need to work out if there's anything I can replace from any other manufacturer not currently gracing this bike.
A homage to all motorbike brands? a 12 year olds idea of cool? an atrocity against classic bikes? 

Anyway, she's not running at present, I think it just needs a new coil (which is on it's way) a tune and a heck of a lot of cleanup work to finish this build up.
Wiring is a mess, the pillion storage area has no base, no way to bolt down either seat ... I'm sure I'll find more!


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Wow, I like it! :clap: That thing is going to be awesome when it's all sorted

Compliments from a fellow 12-year-old   ;D
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Quote from: KANDY on April 03, 2019, 10:18:47 AM
I hate you already for your Luck.

Fingers crossed that luck holds out and it's just the coil that is needed to get her on the road and to the Dyno.

There's been an absolutely absurd amount of money thrown at parts but nowhere near that amount of money spent on the engine so there could be some fairly fundamental issues. It was at the Dyno running until they think the coil ... Zapped its last. Spoke to the Dyno owner so hopefully he's an honest bloke, they thought it was CDI, replaced that and the only bit left to look at was coil.

At any rate is a good opportunity to get something a bit more up to date.

Cannot disagree though, feeling pretty damned lucky considering how little I paid for it. He even gave me 1000 off to pick it up early to make room in his garage for new toys, after we had already agreed on a price.

Another thing that needs attention is the harness... It looks to be sitting on the wrong side of the frame, too close to the engine or maybe that's how it is supposed to be for access and it just needs to be zip tied up and out of the way?


Not happy with the Motogadget  bar end indicators on the clipons. Visibility of them from the front is pretty bloody average as the clipons are angled backwards a bit. Can improve visibility somewhat by straightening out the bars but I don't want to straighten them too far.

Figured since I'm running LED's I can probably run a couple more tiny ones on the forks which should be much easier to see. Noticed a local provider selling excess stock for half the price they normally go for so going to put them on and see what it looks like.

The custom dynamics wrap around turn indicators arrived in the mail and look quite nice. There's no size that fit RS250 forks so got some slightly oversized ones about 3mm diameter too big. Will try some rubber tape lining from Clark rubber... If that's no good, maybe get someone to 3d print me a plastic sleeve?

In other news I got pulled over for filtering through traffic (legal up to 30kph here) and was told I was doing so too fast. No radar gun though and was three lanes of traffic away. He's probably right but I was more intent on the cars around me than my Speedo. I'd rather be 5/10 km over the limit than having my eyes off the road when filtering.

He trailed me for quite a few km hoping I'd not slow down for road works, felt like he was getting right up my tail in an attempt to make me ride faster. Maybe he figured at night I might not have noticed he was a cop.

Anyway seemed a little annoyed at me and not being able to give me a fine so he gave my FZ6N a once over and let me know my mirrors were undersized and next time I'd get a defect notice.

So now I'm looking for new mirror's for 3 bikes haha. Ironically I've now got my original FZ6N mirrors on my bike and even though they're bigger they're harder to see anything behind me as they're closer to the center line of the bike than bar end mirrors. I get a good view of my shoulders and upper arms though,  I've got to move uncomfortably to see around myself.

Anyway lucky I had my undersized mirrors on so I saw him early and wasn't speeding....if I'd had my legal ones on I may have got a small speeding find to boot :p

What to grab for the RZ that is circular and above 94mm in diameter.........  Hrmn

Now that I'm back on topic of the RZ, the previous owner was going to run a tube for the rear brake with a cap instead of a brake fluid reservoir. Unfortunately there was no cap in his big box of parts and I wasn't happy running with a screw in it.

Luckily I had a spare ryzoma reservoir kicking about in one of my boxes of random bike bits. Think it will fit in with the colour theme quite well.

Probably a little excessive in the tubing now though but do want it to be higher than the section that runs over the swing arm. Repurposed a front reservoir arm to hold it all in place and I don't think it looks half bad for a minimal effort approach but need to ensure its got enough height so may need to move it.

Hopefully the tubing is brake fluid rated, I've heard some clear tubing weeps in moisture? Which sounds problematic.


Some interesting mods on that thing.

The concept of SSSwinger is cool but likely a big boat anchor on there.

Looks like frame was modified to fit a removable subframe as well.

Harness does not look out of place to me from the pictures.

Overall looks like a good start of a project and some bits that could have value if you decided to punt them.


Finding actual figures on the weight of the SSSA seems almost impossible.

From one account that seems legit, they aren't quite as heavy as you'd expect. Heavier sure but not anchor material. I'm not racing it so I'm not particularly bothered that it's probably 8 pounds / 3.6kg heavier than a modern double sided swing arm.  I should probably lose 5 kg of weight on myself first :p