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1973 RD250 Drum Brake Q:

Started by so-cal-sdr200, July 12, 2019, 01:18:18 PM

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I am having a problem removing the speedometer cable from the
front drum brake hub. What am i missing? Is this supposed to just
pull out? Or is there a special tool to remove the inner 4 slotted bushing?
I've pulled with vice grips as hard as I dare trying not to destroy anything.

Looking at pictures of a replacement cable, it just shows the end of the
4 sided coiled cable that appears to slide into the drive gear unit.

On a side note, The left side carburetor slide is stuck in the closed position.
2 days of PB Blaster and carb cleaner has not loosened it one little bit.
Tried a wee bit of MAP gas to heat it to just above finger touching temp.
Still no bueno.

thanks, Jeff

m in sc

yeah, the square part should just pull out. throw some heat at it.  :science:

as far as the carb, try soaking it in kerosene. like, submerge it overnight.


Had the same problem with my TY250C except someone had cut the stump of the cable off, never did manage to get it out or unscrew the retainer fro the worm gear. Heat was never a option in that case due to it being magnesium. We just ended up blanking off the hole see as the speedo wasn't needed & the inner part had already been removed by a previous owner
A mixture I have used for unseizing motors that have sat for decades is 50/50 kerosene & brake fluid, seems to break bond without damaging any of the metals. Stand the plate up & fill the hole with the mixture, leave it a few days to soak before seeing if it frees up


Thanks Tony. Not what I wanted to hear about the brake cable, but....
I'll put some more effort into it. I was just wondering if the brass end
on the cable comes out with the cable. Or if it is just the end of the coiled cable.
Granted, I have not used penetrating oil or anything on the cable yet.

As for the carb. I may end up having to cut the throttle cable and taking
as much stuff off of it that I can. Then submerge it like suggested.
I have also heard Kerosene / Automatic trans fluid mix works too. Maybe
if someone had an ultrasonic cleaner. I'll have to ask some of my friends or
some of the local shops.
Cheers and thanks everyone for their thoughts and suggestions.


Success, but, boy that cable did not want to come out.
At least now I know where the two parts separated.
And the Carb is taking a bath..
Cheers, and thanks.


 :umm: Well, that wasn't pretty..... Got the slide out of the carb body.
Destroyed the stock 5L4 needle and possibly the #2.5 slide. After some
400 grit paper to the very edges of the slide it will slip back and forth in
the carb body. Not sure how sensitive the venturi is if the slide is slightly
Think I'll stop posting to this thread and any future Q's or updates will be
in the 1973 RD250 Project thread.
Cheers, Jeff