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Secret bike

Started by 2 Stroke Jamoke, August 25, 2019, 07:15:23 PM

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2 Stroke Jamoke

Heres my next project,  shhhh!!! Its a secret


Wasting time on 2T forums since the dawn of the internet. '89 TDR250, '13 300xcw, '19 690smcr, '56 Porsche 356A


Hey. I recognize that topend!
That head was trying to hurt me....
RD machine work, boring, porting, cranks and engine building.

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More pictures please!!!  :clap:

Evans Ward

Can't wait to see this Ian!  :metal:
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1976 Suzuki GT750
1972 Kawasaki H2 750 Mach IV

2 Stroke Jamoke

Some  more pics of the gamaha/yammagamma

2 Stroke Jamoke

Heres a few from today, I have to fabricate new pipe mounts but the motor and cursory items fit like a glove! Gonna be a weapon


Nicely done sir!

Carry on.

2 Stroke Jamoke

First start and test ride today! A little rich on the bottom but it rips, gonna drop the needle one clip and turn the air screw out a touch. Running the stock carbs
Dynojet needles middle clip
25 pilot
420 main
Air screw 1.5 out
Uni pods
Toomey pipes.

Short 10 mile run to start out, temp was good running right at about 65c, cant wait to really get some time on this beast! Pic below


2 Stroke Jamoke

This bike rips hard boys! Got about 100 miles on a supertuned engine and I really started opening it up today. My buddy has an old hurricane 600 and the little yammagamma kept pace no problem until a big straight, but he never left me. In the turns, fahgettaboutit! Yammagamma all day! Really awesome feel to the rz engine with the stock carbs(chuck reccomended) smooth and tractable. Damn I love this bike!


m in sc