Neat little oddball bike, zero info.

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Started by 2 Stroke Jamoke, May 02, 2021, 08:13:07 PM

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m in sc


man thats got to feel good. Ive never had a hankering for one of the 4's. but have ridden a couple. they are neat for sure and always feel , while rowdy, refined (engineering wise). enjoy!!! Beautiful job.  :olaf:


Quote from: 2 Stroke Jamoke on February 11, 2022, 09:53:52 AM
The bike ride beautifully on my first ride, I just barely touched the power, safe to say it's got alot. I have some semi synthetic oil in for the first tank then I'm going full synthetic. Any break in tips?

I like what this guy has to say about rung sealing on new bores.


OMG, beautiful bike sir.


Quote from: 2 Stroke Jamoke on February 09, 2022, 09:37:58 PM
Well my dream bike is off the lift after a long slumber and it's looking great! It started first kick no joke(after some priming) it sounds very deep and crisp. Test ride tomorrow!
Did you paint the tank to match the bodywork or is it a cover?

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2 Stroke Jamoke

It's a cover, I just went for a 30 mile or so ride and I let it rip a few times (or more) it's unreal! It's everything I wanted it to be, fast and rowdy. Just like me


Gammas are fun and very reliable.

Hope you set correct rotary valve clearance and did a leak down test.

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Some Gammas, RZ350 and Hybrid Ape that Ed T is building since 2018

2 Stroke Jamoke

I installed the rotary disc's as the manual stated, it didn't say anything about clearance

2 Stroke Jamoke
An article on my bike! I was interviewed about my rg recently and this is the article,  cheers!


Love it a square 4 going and having fun. looks prefect -enjoy!! 

Good job :olaf:



How cool is that to have that article written about you and your bike? I just went through this thread. You did a great job on the bike. Congratulations and enjoy many miles with smiles.
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Evans Ward

Congrats Ian! It was a good read and you own a beautiful bike which is a piece of 2 stroke history. Hey- I recognized that BBQ/ chicken take out joint in Robbinsville NC too! Great food there!
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2 Stroke Jamoke

Thanks guys! Yea that's T-dubs in robbinsville, an absolute must stop when you are at the dragon best blt you'll ever have!


Awesome! Congrats Ian. The RG looks great. Cool feature showing off all your hard work! :thumbs:
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Our if all the 2 Stroke street bikes I've ridden. That's the "one". Ad you know once I hits the mid range, it's a instantaneous BANG It's transformed into a different machine. Its a rapid charge of wheel lifting acceleration. You'd never know you were on the same bike.
 The RZ500 tried in vain, but was no comparison..not even close. It was a heavy,complicated mess. The RG..Got it right. Styling if course we t to the RZ, but riding both sides by side..there's only 1 choice for sport riding. Such a shame they were never legally imported here. America .got the shaft big time the rest of the world enjoyed the best ever 2 strokes...America was censored, restricted and governed to the 750 4 as stroke platform.

 I found my friend a running Gamma track bike for below 4k, He's stoked..
 Ed Toomey had beenrebuilding his motor, should be ready soon. After that it's going into a one-off hand built aluminum frame carbon fiber rims Mark dent pipes and Kevin Schwantz's actual+ ,(team Suzuki)  RGV body's gonna be awesome
 I also found him an rz500 track bike for 3K.. it has undergone a 5-year modification process which will soon be ready as well with a very similar state of build I just want to ride each one once.

Enjoy that thing!  They sound great and it has an uncanny ability to be two bikes in the same chassis.
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