Deals Gap Parking lot triage, looking at sunroofed #2:

This year:  May 5-12th.  25th year!

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Started by 2 Stroke Jamoke, May 02, 2021, 08:13:07 PM

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2 Stroke Jamoke

My new bike



That is awesome!


Sure hope there's more to come about this one
I post waayyy too much

2 Stroke Jamoke

It's a former race bike judging by all the safety ware and it has definitely been crashed. Also came with a front faring with numbers on it. It was gone thru by the late Rick Lance and the motor is solid. Starts and runs great, I been after it for 3 years and I finally made a deal. Marsencini mag rear wheel gsxr750 front end, Tommy Crawford pipes, LG filters and jets. Needs tires and bodywork, I will probably try the Chinese replica bodywork to start with. I am over the moon with this bike!! The king has arrived


Wow. Selling you other bikes makes sense now.
Nice man. Can't wait to see it.
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 :clap: Nice, Congrats!
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Saliva Floweth Forth


Top 5 Dream Bike, maybe Top 3. Damnit man! I am jealoussssss!


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Evans Ward

Very nice Ian! Can't wait to see it done up. Joe Barlow from FL had both his Gamma 500 and RZ500 at the Gap last week. I roomed next to him and Zammy so yes, I did drool a lot.  :righteous:
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2 Stroke Jamoke

I threw a new set of bridgstpne battlax tires on it and some new silencers. The old ones were in rough shape. Gonna take it for a short test ride this afternoon. I've ordered Chinese bodywork so we'll see how that goes. It's looking good and it sounds so great!

2 Stroke Jamoke

My first impression is WOW! What a great bike, pulls nice down low but at 7k it get real. Very strong up to about 10k and it's signing off but whew boy it's fast! Handles pretty damn well for a 35 year old bike. Now bodywork